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September 16th, 2005  
Hey, Ulath, you do that weekly routine for 2 years (and I mean DO it), and you'll either be a god or dead. But don't forget to follow you studies and try to enjoy your last couple years of free-teendom. There's more to SF than physical demands, and you'll also never be a teen again, man. Don't ruin it for yourself.
September 17th, 2005  
One more tip on working your triceps: Someone once taught me to do push-ups with your hands together, not spread apart like traditionally. Also, your feet and hands should be closer together, with your butt sort of sticking in the air. Sounds cooky I know, but try it - make a sort of triangle with your hands by touching the ends of your thumbs and index fingers together, and touch your forehead into that triangle, then push back up.

It works - focuses much more of the energy required to push up on your triceps than traditional pushups.
September 18th, 2005  
Thanks very much guys. Im trying to follow the routine but work is gettin in the way. Im gonna have to tell em to cut my hours. Turns out there is a gym with tons of freeweights up the street from my house no more than 4 minutes away. So Im going to subscribe to that and start goin with a buddy of mine. Now that I know how to get in shape and get stronger the only thing holding me back from going Enlisted are my parents. I told me mom I wanted to forgo becoming an officer to be an enlisted-man for SF and she cried. What the hell? I dont see why she cares. Its what I want to do. They give me food, a place to live, and most of all something I enjoy doing plus they pay me for it. What do I need money for besides a car or anything I enjoy? I dont get it. My dad wants me to be in the Airforce and do computers so I can make tons of money but I dont want to do that. I hear stories from people all the time that say they hate their jobs and their lives are living hells because of it. Shouldnt I do something I enjoy even if it doesnt pay good? I think I should. Thanks again.

Just got done having a talk with my parents and they say Im stupid and that Ive wasted their time wanting to throw away a high-paying career. They say Ill end up pumping gas saluting everyone else and one day retiring and getting $900 a month where I wont be able to afford food or medicine for my old self. Playing the guilt trip and everything. They say Im stupid and that if I do this Ill learn the hard way and come whimpering back. I do NOT think so. Ill will do anything in this world I have to become Special Forces. I will study my arse off. My dad says Special Forces have to have college education with many different languages under their belt. He says Special Forces went to college then joined the Army and didnt become officers. My parents told me to join as enlisted you couldnt go to college because they would make me an officer and that was the only reason I didnt want to go. Ill go if it gets me to Special Forces. Sorry if this doesnt make much sense but Im fairly angry at this point.
September 18th, 2005  
First, let me say your attitude is excellent, keep it up and it will carry you far, esp if you wish to be SF.

Take the advice some of the other members have given you. Do not push yourself. The last thing you want to hear is you're disqualified because of an injury.

Weights are well and good, but you really need to work on your endurance. Run, run and when you think you're done, run some more.

Don't worry so much about "beefing" up. Work on your core strengths.
Your back is very important, and a lot of people forget to work the lower and upper back, esp the lower. Work your abdominals. Upper body strength is great, but it won't support that 100lbs + pack on your back.

Same with your legs, you can't carry your own weight if your legs aren't strong.

I would advise going easy on the weights - you don't want to be a body builder.

Continue with the push ups, situps, etc. Have I mentioned running?

Swimming is great if you have access to a pool. Very little chance of injury, easy on your joints and can help with your cardio, endurance as well as strength - you will work muscles you never knew you had swimming, and you'll need to know how for SFAS anyway.

As MarineHodes said, do not run in combat boots. A big no no and you're just asking for an injury.

The most important thing to do is take your time, you are in no rush. Do not forget to enjoy your childhood, you only get a shot at it once.
September 23rd, 2005  
i was wondering, im pretty short, 5'2 and im 16, im not sure if i will grow much more, will this be a problem if i want to join the MArines?
September 23rd, 2005  
Charge 7
I wouldn't worry about growing more just yet. As a 16 year old male you have an excellent chance of growing more. At 17 I was 5' 8" but at 18 I was 6' 0". My three brothers followed a similar growth pattern.
September 28th, 2005  
Aw, I think it's adorable that you were chubby and now you're skinny! I don't really have much knowledge about the military, but good luck anyway!
September 30th, 2005  
I wish I could follow this to the T but I'm trying my best. If I'm not at school I'm at work and if I'm not at work I'm working at home or doing chores. I'll try to do it before I go to sleep and whatnot though. My dad says I'm stupid for wanting to live in the mud and not be able to provide for my family but who says I'm going to have a family. Sure if I meet the right girl who I cant live without but its really a choice between the two. Lots of money, respect, and a wife and good family or do what I want to do. Live in the mud. He says I really don't know what I want and I told him this, "I want to fight, some people aren't willing to fight for their freedom and other's freedom," and he replied with,"You're not using your full potential by being a foot soldier. You could be a pilot or an officer and make more of a difference." I said,"I want to fight first-hand. I don't want to tell other men to do what I myself am not willing to do," and he countered with,"No one fights first-hand anymore. You'll grow out of this and so on and so on." Truth is all I want out of life is to have fun and live an adventurous life. I think living in the mud would make me appreciate things more. Its a test for myself to be a foot soldier. I know I could be an officer if I wanted but I don't want to sit at a desk and tell other people what to do. My dad says I'm just being used by the government and they could screw me over if they wanted.
Ill just have to keep at it and see what they say. They say my reasons are wrong because I shouldn't want to use my brain to my full potential. Why cant I use my brain and be a first-hand soldier? I don't see a reason why not. My dad says Special Forces don't even fight. That they walk around in civilian clothes and just get the civilians to like the U.S. more. He says I have my information wrong.
Sorry if this doesn't make sense but I've had 4 hours of sleep and its been a very long day. /rant off.
January 2nd, 2006  
Hornet SL
Hey, just wanted to say that your parents aren't correct in a lot of what they are saying to you.
For one, Special Forces play a pivital role during both war and peacetime.
Two, you get to use your brain A LOT while in Special Forces. You can't make it through ANY special forces training (Ranger, Green Berets, SEALs, Marine Recon, Parajumpers) and not use your brain; it is impossible. Making it through any special forces training isn't all about wallowing in the mud and being superman strong, its also a test of your mind. The weak minded don't make it through training, much less actual combat.
Three, considering the language requirements, they teach you that. And only certain special forces groups require every man to learn a language, and again if they do, they will teach you.
By the way? you can join the Special Forces and be an officer. Special Forces need leaders too, but special forces officers are on the field.

Sorry to digress, but I thought you might want to know these things. Try telling this to your parents. If they don't believe you, ask any SF soldier or look online; there are plenty of legit sites that will tell you what I've said and more.

Good luck and hope to be calling you a SF soldier in a couple of years!
January 2nd, 2006  
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