About the Military Child...

June 9th, 2005  

Topic: About the Military Child...

Open to any quotes concerning the children to..

Many many months ago I was reading I think it was a USAA magazine article about how military children become very attached to cars compared to civ child. It was about how the car is with them from duty to duty, you know what I am getting to (well it suprised me and made total sense)....how trading in is a big deal to them and what to consider.

Anyway, the contributer to the article said something like this... Our military children have to say good-bye to more friends by the time they turn ??? 13-18, then most do in their lifetime.

Long ago I quoted this and used in my sig line for a short while, computer zapped, and I am having trouble finding a good quote (or the same) to make people think

Thanks so much!