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July 12th, 2009  

Topic: About gun safety

Hi everyone
Anybody can explain me what does mean that gesture (screens from films "Shoot'Em Up" and "Black Hawk Down")?


Completely it looks so: guy brings to face or eye the clenched fist with upright index finger, bends finger several times and says that "It's main safety" or "It's my safety", implys that safety more important than gun safety. What does mean that gesture?
If you've got, please, give me the source where describing origin and meaning that gesture. It doesn't matter what language it can be.
Did you see that gesture anytime in real life?
July 12th, 2009  
It's their trigger finger. They're saying there weapon won't fire with the safety off unless they pull the trigger, which is stupid as having the safety on can save you from a world of hurt.
July 12th, 2009  
You should have a good enough grasp of your surrounding that your weapon won´t fire untill you put your finger on the trigger and press back.

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