91W the old 44b

September 20th, 2009  

Topic: 91W the old 44b

hi i'v been looking for information on MOS 91W which is metal worker. i'v enlisted with this as my MOS and beleave i will enjoy it how ever i have found very little on it. this is what iv been told and maybe you all can tell me if im wrong. i was told that it doesn't come up very often and is one of the more wanted jobs, that it my be hard to make rank, and that there is only one per battallion. if you have any other info that would be grate. and if you can say anything to calm my wifes nerves about this job and combat that would be helpful too. thank you
September 21st, 2009  
John Lydon
I'm pretty sure they train at Aberdiene proving grounds in Maryland and I think you mainly work on amphibious vehicles. Not very often you meet a 91W so my memory may be lagging.