'911 Closed, Everyone at Doughnut Shop'

March 30th, 2007  
Team Infidel

Topic: '911 Closed, Everyone at Doughnut Shop'

EASTON, Pa. (AP) - A firefighter clicked on a link on the city's Web site and got a recording of a bogus dispatcher saying 911 was closed.
"Our offices are closed because everyone is at the doughnut shop," said the audio file. Stu Gallaher, city business administrator, said Wednesday the file was quickly removed when city officials learned about it.
Gallaher said it was accidentally left on the site by former Fire Chief Frank Chisesi, who had been hired to improve the city's Internet offerings. Chisesi said he had placed several audio files on the site but they did not work and he thought he had deleted them.
Firefighter Terrance Hand e-mailed the link to city officials and the media, saying it was "not flattering" to the 911 call center, police or firefighters and seeking an apology. He said his only reply was from Councilman Dan Corpora. Corpora said he intended to look into the posting, "and rectify any situation that would allow that to be put on the Web site."


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