66th Engineer Company (TOPO CORPS)

March 7th, 2009  

Topic: 66th Engineer Company (TOPO CORPS)

Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum, and want you to know how proud I am of you guys and all of our troops. I served with the 66th Engineer Company (TOPO CORPS) from June 13 1962 - June 12 1964. I pushed my number up in the draft so as to get in earlier. My brother was in Thailand at the time setting up communications for our troops, preparing for Nam. The 66th then was a strak unit that was also preparing for that era by printing maps and surveying. At that time we were with the 3rd Army at Fort Bragg North Carolina. attached to the 18th Airborne Corps. I was hoping to get in contact with some of the guys I served with. So far no luck, then I found this site on the net. Maybe I'll get lucky and find someone. I want to say for those who are serving now, good luck to you all and may god be with you. It's a priviledge to associate with you. thank You. God Bless America.
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Thank you for your service.
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Welcome aboard, victorm16.
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Welcome aboard.
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Topic: 66th TOPO Long Bien Vietnam Aug 67 to Aug 68 (TET)

Hey I'm looking for the same thing, also having no luck.... When I was picked up at the 90th RePo Depot, I was taken to the new home of the 66th, when we got there, it was a big empty field, I asked where everything was & we were all told "your all engineers, build it" a fat guy said lets start with the Mess Hall, another (ansie guy) said "No, we need a Latreen first" so we built the latreen, Mess Hall, Houches, but from the begining there was a perminate sand bag detail, when the buildings were done, the sand bags were laid.. Last big project was a large canopy for all the truck mounted 3-phase printing press' & the monster genorator........ Bob
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