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May 21st, 2013  
William Joyce otherwise known as Lord Haw Haw was hanged for treason. William Joyce was American but applied for a British Passport before the war claiming he was British. It was this that the Crown Prosecution nailed him on. He was hanged on 3 January 1946 at Wandsworth Prison.

At about the same time as the hangman pulled his deadly lever a group of smartly dressed men in winter coats stepped away from the main crowd outside the gates of the prison and behind some nearby bushes, almost surreptitiously, were seen to raise their right arms in the ‘Heil Hitler!’ salute.

His last public statement read "In death, as in this life, I defy the Jews who caused this last war, and I defy the power of darkness which they represent. I warn the British people against the crushing imperialism of the Soviet Union. May Britain be great once again and in the hour of the greatest danger in the west may the Swastika be raised from the dust, crowned with the historic words ‘You have conquered nevertheless’. I am proud to die for my ideals; and I am sorry for the sons of Britain who have died without knowing why."

Iva Toguri D'Aquino known as Tokyo Rose was an American citizen who visited Japan just before the start of WW2. After Pearl Harbour she wasn't allowed to leave and was put to work in various positions even though she couldn't speak Japanese. To cut a very long story short Forced to renounce her U.S. citizenship, Toguri found work in radio and was asked to host “Zero Hour,” a propaganda and entertainment program aimed at U.S. soldiers. After the war, she was returned to the U.S. and convicted of treason, serving 6 years in prison. Gerald Ford pardoned Tokyo Rose in 1976. She died in 2006.
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