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December 25th, 2011  
To a little video composed out of facebook like profile pictures and amateur video snippets, underlaid with 4 songs (of none of which I would know the author).

I stumbled over this little gem when I searched youtube about a very common Spanish phrase that I explained in a recent email conversation about life, three days ago, "Life are two days, and [on] one of them [it] is raining": "La vida son dos dias y uno esta lloviendo". The phrase is used to either express how short life is and that you better make full use of your little time or when losing a friend, a family member or someone else close to you, then acoompanied by a fatalistic shrug of the shoulders.

As you know from an earlier post in this thread I lost one of my best friends about 2 month ago, so the title had me intrigued, and when I opened the video (while the title is in Spanish the songs are mostly in English) and looked at these pictures of people I did not know I saw something very much deeper in it, especially as it starts (in Spanish) with the words:

Never do we appreciate the value of a friendship until our friend goes.

But sometimes it is necessary that he would go, so that we understand again the true values of life.

About friendship:

(in Spanish: "Nunca llegamos a valorar la amistad de alguien, hasta que nuestro amigo se va.

Pero a vezes hace falta que se vaya para que nos demos quenta del valor real

De la amistad")
Now, we dont know whom those pictures show, whathappened to them, or else (pure speculation: A young couple of a motorist club?), but exactly this not knowing whom they deal with and their everyday character give them a very general appeal about all life and friendship stands for, turns them - accompanied by the beautiful songs - into a symbol.

I listened to the vid several times this day, and look how things co-incide: The next morning and the day after I lost two more friends, this time not human: On Friday I had to put my cat "Sombrero" down to avoiod more suffering, and yesterday my ex wife phoned me telling that our dog "Esquid" - incidentally the best friend and "father" of Sombrero, they never separated when both were at home - had to be put down, some sad Christmas for both of us (both animals had acommpanied us over 11 and 13 years respectively).

Suddenly the video made even more sense, listening to it the day before seemed like a premonition to me that I had not understood. I have been listening to it various times over the last days, and it still affects me in its simple beauty.

A gem, and I dont know why it only has 200 visits on youtube...

Here is to "My two XOs", Esquid and Sombrero, and how they will live on in my memory.

Life are two days, and [on] one of them [it] is raining...!



[ame=""]la vida son dos dias, y uno esta lloviendo - YouTube[/ame]

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