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November 29th, 2011  
Originally Posted by senojekips
With the advent of cheap movie cameras and easy access to the world via the Internet, Israeli censorship has failed, and the lies, distortion and brutality of their regime is now available to all to see. People of the world are now seeing the truth of what has been going on in Israel for over 60 years, and they don't like it.

What makes this different to most of what you mentioned, is that those events occured before Agencies like the International Criminal Court prohibited Crimes against humanity (known as "The Rome Statutes")

For a quick insight, Read,
The Country That Would Not Grow Up,
By Tony Judt.
A noted historian from New York University.
Israeli groups are able to help Palestinians or report crimes of Israeli settlers against Palestinians. The Israeli government tolerates that and the causers are convicted through rule of law. Israel allows Palestinians to work there. Israel allows palestinian athletes to join Israeli clubs.

There are no Palestinian groups who helps Israelis because it is not allowed. Causers of crimes against Israelis are cheered in Gaza and the West Bank. Palestinians are forbidden to work for the Israelis. Palestinians who join Israeli sport clubs are punished.

And that quick insight is a story written for a Ant-Israeli organisation. It's biased not neutral. Homepage here.

You do not want peace there, you want the jews out. You want that country removed. You don't care about the average palestinian, you use them. Like their leaders do. Where are your Arab friends? A report says the following " Despite the much-hyped Arab nationalist solidarity often cited in the name of Palestine, most Arab regimes actually have little love for the Palestinians."
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