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November 4th, 2011  
Monday morning, at 0805J, one of the men I most respected in life passed away to the better grounds, just one year older than myself but of the same birthday, too young really for a person like him (dont trust my profile here on IMF, made myself 10 years older by typo, and its irreversible once put).

A true friend, he was the first person I ran into seriously on this Island in 1983 (he was the founder of the bar "mitj y mitj", at this time the place with the best music and the best sunsets to watch, and a true "god of the bars", never have seen any barman like him again in my life).

We started our friendship over discussions about music, and it was music the binding force that kept us two super different personalities close over the years: It was him who explained to me, e.g. that Raimundo Amador (whom - as I have mentioned before in this thread but cannot by any means find the relevant post - I had met in Germany when I was performing at a blues concert and remained openmouthed hearing such a great talent) was not a Blues artist per se but here in Spain much better known as Flamenco artist. During this discussion he introduced me to the songs of "Pata Negra", the band he had formed and which had revolutionised Spanish modern music and which accompanied in my car for years after. He introduced me to the finesses of Pat Metheney, we clobbed heads over Steely Dan etc.

He eventually (1993) let the bar go as I let my photo journalism go, we both for being tired out from what comes with the job from the outside, but we had a running gag and standing bet that sadly we wont be able to fulfil now anymore, I always used to say: "When we both are old, I will work as a photographer in your bar" and vice versa...

Over the years I found out he had a ritual, every New Years eve at midnight JULIET he would play Pata Negras song "Pasa la Vida" (which is not originally by Raimundo y Rafael Amador neither by music not lyrics, but they performed it in a way that made it an icon for people of my age, in the traditional "Sevillana" version it just does not honor the lyrics of Manuel Garrido sufficiently).

Personally I never liked the song much (I love all others from that album!), but I always *did* like the lyrics (which I will translate crudely below, rather in the spirit than literally), and it seems only right to honor my friend with those words that meant so much to him every new year and that explain the spirit with which he faced his coming desaparition, and how he dealed with it and us whom he left behind.

I have not been much a friend to him nor his family during his last month, and I can only hope he from his better place can see that it was not out of lack of respect but for not being able to face the deteriation of a picture of his that I have in my mind, and that goes with the song, and which I feared to lose if I he.g. had visited him in the hospital or talked to his wife about the situation.

D.E.P., cabrón!

Y pasa la vida, pasa la vida. / And life goes by, life goes by.

Pasa la vida / Life goes by
y no has notado que has vivido, cuando / and you haven´t realized what you have lived when
pasa la vida / life has gone by
y no has notado que has vivido, cuando / and you havent realized what you have lived when (while)
pasa la vida. / life is passing by.

Pasa la vida / Life goes by
y tus ilusiones y tus bellos sueños, / and our wishes/hopes and your wonderful dreams
todo se olvida: tus ilusiones y tus bellos sueños, / all will be forgotten: Your illusions and your beautiful dreams,
todo se olvida. / all will be forgotten

Pasa la vida, igual que pasa la corriente / Life passes, the way the current passes
cuando el río busca el mar / of the river that goes towards the sea
y yo camino indiferente donde me quieran llevar. / and I walk oblivious of that and of where it is going to carry me

Y pasa la gloria, pasa la gloria. / And the fame goes by, fame goes by.

Pasa la gloria, / Fame dims out
nos ciega la soberbia, pero / we are blind of pride, but
un día pasa la gloria, nos ciega la soberbia, / one day fame will have gone, as we are blinded by arrogance
pero un día pasa la gloria. / and one day the fame will have passed.

Y pasa la gloria / Fame passes,
y ves que de tu obra ya no queda / and you will find that from your "work" wont remain
ni la memoria / remembrance (by anybody)
y ves que de tu obra ya no queda / and you find that of your life work will not make it
ni la memoria. / not even into anybodies memory

Y pasa la vida igual que pasa la corriente, / And life passes, the same way that passes the river
cuando el río busca el mar / going to the sea
y yo camino indiferente, donde me quieran llevar. / And I walk ignorantly and follow to where it wants to carry me.
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