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February 9th, 2010  
A Can of Man
And that's not all blacks neither.
Actually they'd be the very, very small minority.
It's like finding the odd photo of black Koreans and saying Koreans are black.

President Obama has not claimed that he has any links to the military.
If Sarah Palin is trying to paint herself in some kind of "military" colors, she's out of line.

There's plenty of American folks who don't know the word "laxidaisical." Actually I've met plenty that have worse vocabulary than I have. I guess they're all not really American.

Unfortunately as for the economic crisis this time around, throwing tax payer money was just about the only way to make sure the economy didn't end up in the real sh1t. If you think it's bad right now, you ain't seen nothing. Should have seen when the IMF royally screwed over Indonesia back in 97/98.

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