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September 24th, 2009  
Just FYI, here is the battle history of USS Constitution:

A Cutting-out Expedition, 1800
Bombardment of Tripoli, 1804
Escape from an Enemy Squadron, 1812
Engagement with HMS Guerriere, 1812
Defeat of HMS Java, 1812
Capture of Cyane and Levant, 1815
Seizing a Slaver, 1853

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As for beauty, I've always like the schooner. Specifically the schooner Atlantic.
"Commissioned by New York Yacht Club member Wilson Marshall, the Atlantic was launched in 1903. William Gardner, one of America's foremost designers of large yachts, designed her. From the moment Atlantic went to sea, it was clear that she was an exceptionally fast and beautiful schooner. When a yacht in 1903 hits twenty knots during her sea trials, she is a promising yacht, but even then nobody could imagine two years later this yacht would set a record that would stand unmatched for almost a century."
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