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The 4500th Member!
August 13th, 2005  
The 4500th Member!
Originally Posted by tomtom22
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235 days after June 17th.

I love making things complicated...
June 17th what year?
Think about it. ((2005))
August 13th, 2005  
June 3, 2006
August 20th, 2005  
june 25, 2006

also my 22nd birthday!
The 4500th Member!
August 21st, 2005  
LOL well then i will go with Feb 12 2006 just becasue it is my B-day

(this doesnt count as my REAL guess but just for me i will go with april 1, 2006) i want to stick with my birth day but will take the other one for my own
August 29th, 2005  
May 20, 2006

(does anybody know the signifigance of that date(may 20)
August 30th, 2005  
Amelia Earhart takes off from Newfoundland to begin the world's first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean by a female pilot, landing in Ireland the next day. idont no

feb 28
August 30th, 2005  
no, Adolf Hitler was born, april 20 1889
(my bad, I accidently wrote MAY 20 for my guess. I officially change it to April 20, 2006)
January 8th, 2006  
And then we have 4500 members!!

LIPS was closest with 5 Jan 06.
January 9th, 2006  
WOO! Now someone has to make a thread for the 5000th member!

Why am I so excited anyways? I lost.