40th Engr Co Camp Mercer 1969-1970

September 8th, 2015  

Topic: 40th Engr Co Camp Mercer 1969-1970

Looking for anyone that was there when I was (June 69-July 70). We had several from our class that went over. Three went to Vietnam and later showed up when their 12 month tour was up, 3 or 4 went to a missile company at the DMZ and 2 or 3 went to Germany. We joined the rest of the surveyors already in country in the field on the other side of the country and spent just over half of our time TDY working for the Navy. I really enjoyed my time over there and still have contact with one other, Don Bruce. Other than Don, I haven't heard from anyone else.

Bruce Johnson
September 8th, 2015  
Cne C
You're welcome Bruce
September 8th, 2015  
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September 9th, 2015  
Howdy! Welcome to the forums.

September 10th, 2015  
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September 10th, 2015  
G'day Bruce
September 10th, 2015  
Welcome to IMF....and thank you for your service.
May 31st, 2016  
I just found this forum while trying to find any of my buddies. Bruce, we may have met, I arrived at Camp Mercer in June '70 and extended 3 months until Oct '71 for an early out. I was an 82D20 topo surveryor. You probably knew Barry Snow and Mr. Bona, and 1st Sgt Billy Peoples. My first job was surveying the DMZ fence. As were you, we spent most of our time TDY, surveying Nike Missile sites, the DMZ or down on the island of Chejo-do, also working with the Navy. I have only been in contact with one other member of our surveying group, John Eberhart. I know that one of the guys continued in the surveying field as did I. If any of you are out there, contact me. Email is best. 1kenalbers@gmail.com.
Hope to hear from some of you.
Ken Albers
July 26th, 2016  
I was stationed at Camp Mercer Jan 69 to Jan 70 with 40th Engr guys I rememer Blake,Simkins,Anderson,Vinlanti,Vitel,McDonald,Ver ider,Tona,Wanger,Nancy,Fireball
October 28th, 2016  
I was there for 1971 to 73, B co 802nd Engineers. Camp Mercer was good duty!

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