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October 25th, 2004  

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If you had three days to live what would you do?

Personally I would say my goodbyes, sell my stuff, give everything to charity, get drunk and have a big fest

First day: Say my goodbyes to my loved ones, my friends, and my gf (after having as much possible sex with her as possible)

Second day: Find uranium, buy a ticket to Hong Kong, fly to Hong kong (day would be over by then)

Third day: Well... You know what happens. Boom.

Btw... i'm not racist, I choose Hong Kong because I see it as the best place to take as many down with me as possible. I'd choose New York and all but you know... Pretty hard to do that in New York. Really i'm not a pshyco
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Besides Sex ...hmm what to do
October 25th, 2004  
I would be praying my last three days away. HAHA