2nd ESB Finchhaven

April 24th, 2005  
bush musketeer

Topic: 2nd ESB Finchhaven

taken from remeberances of the 2nd ESB (engineer special brigade) at Finchhaven.
"Remember the time we reported a jap 77mm being set up just below katika village?" hoyer asked "the Aussie gun crew took a look through their glasses, thanked us, then sat down again. Every 15 minutes all day long I'd take a look at the japs digging thier gun in-was i worried!

"then late in the afternoon.,just as the japs were shoving the first shell into the breech, the Aussies fired one round....Knocked out the gun, crew and emplacement. Later i asked one of the Aussies why they had waited so long before firing and he tells me:"we wanted to see the bloody barstards work."