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2nd Degree Black Belt
October 17th, 2005  
2nd Degree Black Belt
Originally Posted by hoohaa310
i wish i could beat jackie chan, and i dont know for sure, but i bet i could beat mighty macbeth

Okay. Go American hoohaa310! Beat the british. I'm an American-Irish.
October 17th, 2005  
CAP Cadet Burrichter
There are 10 grades (at least at my school) from white to black and 1st degree to 2nd and so forth.

White middle10
yellow 9
yellow middle 8
green 7
green middle 6
blue 5
blue middle 4
red 3
red middle 2
red high 1

Right now I'm a 1st degree black belt 6th grade. The thing is about that is I have a blue stripe on my belt instead of a green and blue. Then again i did skip a rank.
October 17th, 2005  
oh, i see, i get it now, we have the same thing at our school, except we dont call it the same thing.

2nd Degree Black Belt
October 18th, 2005  

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Originally Posted by hoohaa310
hi everyone, just letting everybody know that I passed my Second Degree Black Belt Test in Taekwondo, and i am so tired.

You kick ass, good job!!
October 25th, 2005  
congrats on the promotion...im only a blue-belt in defense tactics
October 25th, 2005  
tisk tisk tisk
October 28th, 2005  
Wing Nut
Hey, Congrats on getting a black,

Just remember that Tae kwon do is a sport and will not serve you very well in a real fight situation and everything will be cool.