295 killed - Malaysian Airlines passenger jet shot down over Ukraine. - Page 2

July 20th, 2014  
Originally Posted by Warwick
Is it just a coincidence that the separatists are sending their SAM launchers back across into Russia.....?
By the time any international investigators are let onto the site any evidence if any will be long gone....at the crash site I mean.

Not quite...

There are ways via the merits of modern chemistry to detect explosive residue on parts of even a charred airplane. Crash investigators all over the world in countries that have been victims of terrorist attacks have been doing this for decades to find even traces of bomb blast residue, as well as tell tale ways metal tends to bend and warp around a zone of explosive impact.

Also tell tale shrapnel marks, such as "peppering" would make it obvious. Even if any aggressor was using a missile system, even if they scavenged the black boxes (especially the cockpit voice recorder which should have telltale audio evidence).
then cross referencing the amount of damage found on the wreckage and cross referencing the damage to known performance data of Soviet Era and Russian missile systems in the area. Specifically the missile itself, with the type of explosive charge, and the weight and amount of said explosive we can paint a picture of what weapon was used, and from what general altitude the impact (if any occurred). It would be wise yet unlikely to get some investigators from some NATO countries to analyze the remains as part of a international body in this geopolitically unstable event.

Finding chemical explosive traces would spur this investigative process. If not, then the search for either pilot error or mechanical malfunction should be conducted with haste.

I am sure many people at the plane's manufacturer Boeing, would like to know which one it is. If this is not a shoot down then it's important to find the cause of the crash to see if any faulty points in the design may affect other Boeing jets like this elsewhere in the world and how to remedy it. As well as send out a alert to all known operators of any potential problem.

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