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January 12th, 2007  
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"The walls of Sparta were its young men, and its borders the points of their spears." King Agesilaos

"Either with it or upon it." Spartan mothers to their sons in regards to their shields.

"Because we fight close to the enemy." King Agesilaos when asked why their swords were so short.

"Add a step forward to it." A Spartan mother to her son when he complained his sword was too short.

"Because the latter they put on for thier own protection, but the shield for the common good of the whole line." King Demaratos in explaining why losing a shield was a dishonor while losing other equipment was not so.

"Son, remember your courage with each step." A Spartan mother to her son.

"Why is it you Spartan women are the only ones who rule over your men?" An Athenian Woman. "Because we are the only women too who give birth to real men." a Spartan woman.

"The Gods will take care of the Kings Army. King Demaratus at Thermopylae

"By Heracles! A man's valor is dead." Archidamus when he saw a catapult fire for the first time.

"Because fear makes each man do his best to shelter his unarmed right side with the shield of the man next to him, thinking that the closer the shields are locked together the better will he be protected." Thucydides on why hoplite armies edge to the right as the battle begins.

"In War." The inscription along with the name of the Spartan who died in combat. Spartans only got gravestones if they died in combat. Women got them if they died during child birth.

“States which are trained for nothing but war that, after they have acquired supreme power over those around them, they are ruined; for during peace, like a sword, they lose their brightness. This fault lies with the legestlator who never taught them how to be at rest.” Aristotle on why warrior societies will always fail.
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