March 12th, 2005  

Topic: THE 23rd BOUND

The 23rd Bound
A Trooperís Prayer during the Ramís Head Competition
by Capt Craig Hilton, LdSH(RC)

The Lord is my Gunner,
I shall not want.
He endeth each Lay in Depression.
He retaineth the Sight Picture.
His Corrections are bold.
He leadeth me unto unseen Targets,
For my own Sake.
Yea, though I jockey
Through the Battle Runs of SSO Armour,
I fear no Sabot for Thou art with me.
Thy Coax and Main Armament they comfort me.
Thou followest the Standard Correction in the Presence of the IG.
Thou anointest the Breech with Oil.
My Misfires are over.
Surely First Round Hits and Smoke Shoots
shall follow me all the Days of my Life
And I will dwell in the Glory of Gunnery forever.
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