2 Future Hypothetical (but possible) Scenarios

July 19th, 2009  

Topic: 2 Future Hypothetical (but possible) Scenarios

1) If Israel ever goes to war again with Syria an captures T-72s (syria's best tank at the moment), do you think they'll add them to their armored forces like they did with the 55 and 62s?

2) If Syria or some other arab country gets T-90s in the future and war breaks out do you think the Merkava 3 or 4 will be able to take them on? If Israel captures T-90s, would they add them to their tank force?

awaiting your thoughts...
July 19th, 2009  
A Can of Man
1) I don't think so.
Israel would only do it I think if they had a shortage of tanks.

2) Israel probably will be able to take on the T-90 unless the T-90 provides some serious shocks. Israel might add a few to be OPFOR for training and also for study.

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