2 films i've watched this week (Batman begins and layer cake

October 7th, 2005  

Topic: 2 films i've watched this week (Batman begins and layer cake

Batman Begins--i wasn't to sure about this as i'm not a big fan of the others but i was pleasantly surprised, this movie has non of the camp nonsense of the other films plays the whole thing very darkly, it also allows for the character of batman to grow into his role instead of being invincible from the first shot. All this makes for a very good film with lots of action and a good story.

Layer Cake--Another film i wasn't sure about, i was thinking this was going to be all cliched londen nonsense but while it had elements of that, it didn't saturate the film with it. The main character in this plays it brilliantly as a middle class boy who see's the whole thing as a buisness and copes with the twists and turns the story throws at him. The story itself goes this way and that and your never quite sure how the plot will play out. Very good film.
October 7th, 2005  
I loved Batman Begins. At first, it was a little hard to understand, but after watching it twice, I understood almost everything. I was very pleased with it and, to me, it was worth the money to go to the theaters to see it. As for Layer Cake.....I've never heard of it.
October 16th, 2005  
yeah batman rocked, it was pretty much everything a good comic book conversion should be (short on sin city that is)
they are making a sequel, and im pretty sure katie holmes wont be in it, lets pause for a minute to cheer!


im pissed i missed layer cake in the cinemas, oh well, dvd here i come. is it like lock stock or snatch? what would you compare it to?
October 16th, 2005  
Batman Begins was badass. I was definitely happy that Nolan let out the dark side of Batman, and not the watered down pansyness of Joel Schumacher's nippled Batmans.
May 26th, 2014  
Didn't see Batman Begins.
But Layer Cake, oh yeah. Me too... Can't see, as Daniel Craig's character was such a seasoned pro, couldn't see the steam on top of his java! But all the actors in the film were excellent. Action, a smidge of espionage turns. I didn't see it all a comin'. Wrapped up in a tidy package. Yum!