2 Canadian Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan

November 28th, 2006  
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Topic: 2 Canadian Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan

USA Today
November 28, 2006
Pg. 11

A suicide car bomber attacked a Canadian armored vehicle in Afghanistan, killing two soldiers a day before NATO leaders gather in Europe for a summit that will focus on the strengthening Taliban insurgency. The attack came as a convoy of military vehicles traveled from the main NATO base in Kandahar to the Panjwayi district, an area that has seen heavy fighting between NATO and the Taliban for the past several months.
“The Taliban cannot defeat us militarily in the field, and … they resort to these very desperate measures,” said Brig. Gen. Tim Grant, commander of the Canadian mission. The deaths bring to 44 the number of Canadian troops killed in Afghanistan, including 36 this year. The attack came a day after a suicide bomber killed 15 Afghans and wounded 24 in a restaurant.

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