1st battle in England with guns

December 2nd, 2010  

Topic: 1st battle in England with guns

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December 2nd, 2010  
Wow. Didn't know they were used as early as the War of the Roses. I knew that when Henry VIII really got into them they were still in their prime. They must have been a very basic model then. I wonder how reliable the gun was? Well, as the article said it did blow up due to the cold. But then, wouldn't you expect that? I wonder how accurate it was as well? Did it make a great impact in the War of the Roses? Or was it rarely used after that battle? Many questions that we may never know.
December 2nd, 2010  
They used what was known as a matchlock rifle. This had a piece of smouldering string and when you pulled the lever to fire it the hot end of the string went into the firing pan set of the charge along with the bullet. Accuracy was not much and was needed to be used at really close quarters, after that the matchlock gun was used as a club as you were that close you would not have time for a second round before you closed with the opposition.

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