1st Annual "Thank You We Know You're Out There Rally/Co

May 22nd, 2005  

Topic: 1st Annual "Thank You We Know You're Out There Rally/Co

I'd like to invite everyone to our 1st Annual Thank You... We Know You're Out There" Troop Support Rally & Concert on May 28th from Noon to 7pm at the Susquehanna American Legion Post 135 located at 300 Cherry Street Perryville, Md. We'd love to have you attend so that we can take a moment to THANK you in person for the sacrifices you make for our country every day. Please visit www.aapavatar.net/concert/index.html for ticket information.

May 25th, 2005  
If it was alittle closer to home I'd go. Can I help yall out with this in anyway?
May 25th, 2005  
Thats the spirit. If you give me an adress, I'll see what I can do to send some money or something. What I have anyways
May 25th, 2005  
I wish I could go, but I'm here in CA. Just tell me wha I can do from here.
June 4th, 2005  
Wish I'd seen this post earlier, I'm in Va beach, and I'd have been there with the wife and kids.
Sombody let meknow when the next one in my reagon is