1SG´s in German Army

May 6th, 2008  

Topic: 1SG´s in German Army

First I have to explain what a German 1SG is called.
Usually our 1SG is called "Spieß" like you would call him "Top" but in the German Army you will not call/adress him "Spieß". Its not a bad word but you only use it when you talk about him not when you talk to him! Ususally they have the rank of a "Hauptfeldwebel" what is simmilar to SFC (E-7) and they wear a yellow cord around the right shoulder to indicate them as the company´s 1SG.

When I was in the German Army I had a roommate who was, I will not say dumb, but I will call him slow plus he looked slow and talked slow. After Basic (2 month) we went to AIT together. So we where in our 3rd or 4th month in the Army and had a conversation and I told him about another Company´s "Spieß".
He was looking at me totally confused and said something like:
WOW dude, there is another "Spieß"???
And I said:
Yes of course there is another "Spieß".
He was like:
There are many "Spieß" here!!
I was like:
Every Company on this post has a "Spieß".
He looked even more confused and said something like:
Thats crazy dude that there are so many guys with that last name.
I was like WTF???? I said:
They dont have the same last name its just a nickname for the 1SG of the Company!!!!
He was like:
Really??? I´ve thought that "Spieß" was there real name!!!
Me, close to jump out of the window said:
Are you f*€§&* kidding me??? Do you really think that all those guys have the rank of a SFC, wearing a yellow cord on their right shoulder, are the Company´s 1SG and have the last name Spieß????
He was like:
Shure dude!!!
I had to turn around and leave the room.

I hope I could get the story across and I´ve translated it good enough so you could understand it and get it.

May 6th, 2008  
A Can of Man
He's going to be the unit's "go take a look" guy.
May 6th, 2008  
May 7th, 2008  
Team Infidel
May 7th, 2008  
Originally Posted by the_13th_redneck
He's going to be the unit's "go take a look" guy.
Lets hope it's quick

Nice one Joker, made me lose my coffee.
May 7th, 2008  
There is one "slow burner" in every unit, haha.
May 7th, 2008  
A Can of Man
I had one in my squad. He practically MADE half my work.
My Company Sergeant and I finally came up with a solution: make him do nothing.

Pvt Moron: Anything I can do, Sergeant?
Me: Sit down, shut up. Here, read this book.

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