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April 9th, 2005  
Charge 7
Tonight The Military Channel had a program listing the top ten tanks of all time. They were evaluated in context with their times and in regards to five catagories of capabilities which where: Armor, Fire Power, Mobility, Production, and Fear Factor.

Commentary was made by military analysts and militarian historians from around the world. Included were Anthony Davis from Janes, Dr. William Atwater from Aberdeen Proving Ground, Dr. Aryeh Nusbacher from Sandhurst and others.

Here is their listing in reverse order:

10. M-4 Sherman (US)

9. Merkava (Israel)

8. T-54/55 (Soviet Russia)

7. Challenger (UK)

6. Mark IV Panzer (Nazi Germany)

5. Centurian (UK)

4. Mark IV (UK - WWI)

3. Tiger I (Nazi Germany)

2. M1 Abrams (US)

and the greatest tank of all time:

1. T-34 (Soviet Russia)

I was glad to see that they agreed with my picks virtually right down the line. For those who may wonder how the M1 Abrams could've ranked second they explained (and I think quite rightly) that it was because the Abrams has never gone tank on tank with a worthy adversary. The only tanks in the world that are comparible to it are all tanks of America's allies. However, should any of those tanks one day be fielded against the Abrams then we could see a difference.
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