101st airborne501st.Battle of Bastogne Presidential Citation

September 28th, 2005  

Topic: 101st airborne501st.Battle of Bastogne Presidential Citation

I bought this Presidential Citation at an estate sale of a man named Leland Pillen in Michigan....It was signed by 24 of his fellow soldiers. We also have a 1st edition Screaming Eagles book signed by the author to Mr. Pillen...After ww2 Mr. Pillen stayed in the Army and boxed...we have his robe ( 3rd Army) and some different literature about 501st boxing team. After he left the military he fought 120 pro fights...Winning all but 11. Is there anyone with info of value of these type pieces. All info is appreciated..

September 28th, 2005  
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September 28th, 2005  
Powerwagon, you lucky lucky bastard.