A-10 Pillots

September 21st, 2004  

Topic: A-10 Pillots

A10 pilots flying high
A10 pilots flying by
Looking down let's have some fun
5 little commies watch them run
Air Force pilots sing their song
I just love to drop napalm
5 little commies in the grass
Watch that A10 light their ass
4 Little commies down by the lake
Come on people watch them bake
3 little commies in the hut
Watch that napalm light their but
2 little commies jump in the cave
Come on napalm make their grave
1 little commie's getting hot
Watch that napalm hit the spot
A10 pilots in the sun
A10 pilots out for fun
Air Force pilots sing their song
September 22nd, 2004  
That one's on here somewhere. It's a good one.