Tactical Low Ride Holster – ACU Pattern

ACU holster

ACU Tactical Low Ride Holster – Right Hand

ACU Holster, for left and right hand

  • Holds The Beretta M-9 Sidearm And Similar Large Frame Automatics
  • Fully Adjustable Straps Allow For A Perfect Fit, Maximum Stability And Easy On/Off
  • A Secure Magazine Pouch Is Mounted On The ACU Holster
  • The Padded Nylon Is Resistant To Abrasion And Tearing
  • The Tension Screw Adjusts The Firmness Of The Fit For A Steadier Draw
  • The Soft Interior Protects Your Gun
  • The Thumb-Break Is Fully Adjustable For A Secure Quick Access
  • Plastic Sight Protector
  • Made In USA

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Left hand version available hereicon