Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Jacket/Shirt

ACU Shirt/Jacket

Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Jacket/Shirt
VAT Dyed 50/50 Nylon Cotton Ripstop
ACU Shirt/Jacket
Brand Name: Government Contractor

  • ACU Jacket: Authentic Govt Specifications FQ/PD 04-04A
  • Hook & Loop Faced Shoulder Pockets for Unit Patches and Skill Tabs
  • Zippered and Hook & Loop Front Closure for a Smooth Uniform Appearance
  • Slanted Pockets with Hook & Loop Closure for Easy Access While Wearning Vest.
  • Hook & Loop Fastener for Name Tags
  • Permanent Press, Wrinkle Resistant CL-8
  • Mandarin Collar Can Be Worn Up or Down. Collar Can be Worn Up to Protect Neck and Keep Out Debris.
  • NOTE: No Glint Tape per DOD Request

ACU Jacket/Shirt Available in sizes XSmall to 4XLarge.

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