Propper Mens ABU Jacket – 50-50 Ripstop

Propper Mens ABU Jacket – 50-50 Ripstop item description

Propper Mens ABU Jacket – 50/50 Ripstop Made of 50/50 Nylon/Cotton Ripstop Sewn to Military Specification FQ PD-06-08B NIR-Compliant Double Pen/Pencil Pocket on Forearm Four-Pocket Coat with Double Flaps Reinforce Elbows Three Button Cuff Adjustment on Sleeves. Many different sizes and lenghts available, click below to see the entire collection.

Propper Mens ABU Jacket – 50-50 Ripstop product information

The item Propper Mens ABU Jacket – 50-50 Ripstop is listed in category Name Tapes & Tags~Air Force~New Air Force ABU Uniforms. Most items ships within 3-10 days, depending on availability and shipping method. Product ID F5425-ABU-JKT-44XL – 17060-F5425-ABU-JKT-44XL
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