3 Day Pass – ABU Pattern

3 Day Pass – ABU Pattern item description

Three Day Pass, ABU Pattern Technical pack with built-in hydration system compatibility. This product is great for efficient travelers who appreciate functionality. The list of features include: padded, adjustable shoulder harness, waist belt, sternum strap, external cinch straps, name tape panel, custom zipper pulls and an organizer compartment. Full of features: Hydration compatible Rugged, abrasion-resistant exterior Compression straps

3 Day Pass – ABU Pattern product information

The item 3 Day Pass – ABU Pattern is listed in category Bags & Packs~S.O.C. Bags & Backpacks. Most items ships within 3-10 days, depending on availability and shipping method. Product ID SP-5031-ABU – 14519-SP-5031-ABU
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