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A selection of available marine corps videos

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Marine Earning the Title - DVD

Marine Earning the Title - DVD

Captures the unforgettable experience of Marine Corps Recruit Training from day one to graduation.

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The Crucible

The Crucible on DVD

By definition, a crucible is a state of prolonged anguish and privation. As it relates to the making of Marines for the 21st century, it's boot camp's defining moment. This 54 hour event occurring near the end of recruit training features little sleep, little food, over 40 miles of forced marches and 32 stations that test physical toughness and mental agility. It is designed to build self-confidence, teamwork, trust in fellow Marines, positive peer pressure and emphasizes the core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.(50min) (1998). BONUS FEATURE: Soldiers of the Sea. This classic 1939 Marine Corps film shows the training of recruits at MCRD, San Diego and other highlights of life in the CORPS before World War II. Time approximate 17 minutes.

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Making a Marine

Making of a Marine - DVD

Since 1775 Americans have counted on the Marine Corps to make warriors capable of winning the nation's battles.
It's a sacred trust America has in its Marines. To keep this trust and to preserve the proud history and rich traditions of the Corps, great emphasis is placed on recruiting and training the finest young men and women the country has to offer.

Upon accepting the challenge of recruit training, the transformation begins. Every recruit will undergo the most intense physical and mental test of their lives.
Along the way they are imbued with the Corps' ethos and core values of HONOR, COURAGE and COMMITMENT.
Witness for yourself the week by week training that forges raw recruits into battle ready Marines. See why these young men and women emerge from their intense training possessing an enormous pride and confidence in their Country, their Corps and themselves.

The espirit de corps deeply embedded in their hearts and souls radiates from the eagle, globe and anchor adorning their uniforms. They worked hard for the title. They earned it. They are forever known as United States Marines.

BONUS FEATURE - The Challenge
This rare 1955 recruit training program shows young male recruits at theMarine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, CA as they complete the requirements for earning the title of Marine.

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Semper Fidelis: The USMC in WWII

Semper Fidelis: The USMC in WWII 3 Disc DVD Box Set

The history of the United States Marine Corps is a proud one, steeped in heroism, self-sacrifice and esprit de corps. Here is America's fighting elite - from pre-war training to final victory in the Pacific. Witness their story through the eyes and lenses of Marine combat cameramen in this stunning and unforgettable collection of authentic, historical film footage. From bloody beaches and dense jungles to barren hilltops, follow the Marines into battle and observe the most legendary engagements in Marine Corps history. Experience firsthand the war in the Pacific - tremendous in scale, costly in life, forever imprinted on the minds and hearts of those who were there. Never before had the world seen such heroism and self-sacrifice as was exhibited by the Marines in the pivotal battles of World War II - including Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Iwo Jima, Okinawa and many more. Also included, as extra features, are summaries of some of the key events and personalitites of the war against Germany in the European theater. Relive it now, with this tribute to America's force-in-readiness - the United States Marine Corps.
  • Contains Combat Veteran Interviews
  • Approximately 6 Hours Running Time
  • Color and Black/White Footage
  • Makes An Excellent Gift
  • Compatible With NTSC and PAL Formats Playable Worldwide

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Fierce Pride in Country and Corps - Silent Drill Platoon

Fierce Pride in Country and Corps - DVD
Silent Drill Platoon

Established in 1801, Marine Barracks, Washington, DC is the heart & soul of the United States Marine Corps. This video takes you behind the scenes with the Marines of 8th & I from boot camp to the hallowed parade deck. It's an up-close look at the selection process, the training and the performances of these famed ceremonial units. From the grueling practice sessions of the world renowned Silent Drill Platoon to the intricate choreography of the Marine Drum & Bugle Corps, you'll be inspired by the ceremonial grandeur and military efficiency displayed by every Marine privileged to be assigned to the Oldest Post of the Corps.

Bonus Feature Special Tribute Colonel Truman W. Crawford served as the Director of the famed Marine Drum & Bugle Corps from 1973 until his retirement in 1998. Included in this special tribute to this charismatic maestro is an exclusive interview conducted in March 1996. Also included as a special bonus is a June 1996 performance of the Drum & Bugle Corps under the musical direction of Colonel Crawford.

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US Marine movies on DVD and VHS

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