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Civil War Movies

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A selection of the most popular Civil War Movies

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Civil War Battles 3 Disc DVD Box Set

Civil War Battles
3 Disc DVD Box Set

Relive the greatest crisis ever faced by the United States as this unique documentary traces the history of the Civil War from its origins through to the final tragic act of Lincoln's assassination. Witness four years of terrible campaigns that cut a swath of destruction from Virginia to the Mississippi River and beyond.
Recounted in over six captivating hours, the battle and leaders of the American Civil War are brought to life with fresh perspectives and new insights. Come with us as we unlock the secrets of this fascinating time, a crucible of violence from which a stronger nation emerged, ready to face the challenges of a changing world.
A riveting story told by the voices of Civil War historians!
  • Contains Extensive Color Reenactment Footage
  • Over 6 Hours Running Time
  • Color and Black/White Footage
  • Compatible With NTSC and PAL Formats Playable Worldwide

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Civil War movies on DVD and VHS

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