Call of Duty Server Hosting
and Call of Duty Server Rental (CoD 2)

Call of Duty Server Hosting Review

CoD, CoD 2 and CoD: United Offensive Servers
Only $0.99/slot for private and $1.49/slot for public CoD servers!

We've been testing out several different CoD servers,
and the best ones we've found so far are from Clanservers
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They provide server hosting for all of the most popular
online team player and player vs. player games

like America's Army, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam, CoD, Counter Strike CZ,
CS Source, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, and many more...

They offer eight different server hosting locations:
Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, NY/NJ, Seatle and Amsterdam (Europe)
A new location in London has just been opened!.
Their network locations are directly attached to major internet backbones and because of that you often get great pings even if you live thousands of miles away from them.
You can test the Ping on all of their locations on their site, to find the best datacenter for you

Price Examples. (Pr month)
Game Private CoD server rental* Public CoD server hosting*
Call of Duty Servers + CoD 2
Up to 64 players
$0.99/Slot $1.49/Slot
Call of Duty United Offensive Servers
Up to 64 players
$0.99/Slot $1.49/Slot
*Prices may vary. All prices in US$. 20% off w/discount listed above.

All of their CoD servers comes with a free clansite with:
100mb webspace, 2,5gb bandwidth, 5 mail accounts, and MySQL
You can also get a free voice server, either Ventrill or Teamspeak,
with the same number of slots as your call of duty server.

Complete Game server rental list:
America's Army, BF1942, BF Vietnam, Battlefield Vietnam,
Call of Duty United Offensive, Condition Zero, Day of Defeat, Doom 3, Enemy Territory,
Half Life Team Fortress, Half Life TV, Halo, HaloCE, Medal Of Honor Allied Assault,
Medal of Honor Breakthrough, Medal of Honor Spearhead, Natural Selection,
Quake 3, Red Orchestra, Unreal Tournament 2004

Visit them to find more information about their great
Call of Duty server hosting and Call of Duty server rental


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