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ACU Patrol Cap

The ACU patrol cap meets the standards of the US Military
Built to last through rugged use
Available in sizes: S-XL
Cotton / Polyester

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Desert Camo Cap - 3 Color - DCU

3 color desert fatigue cap

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Army Ranger Fatigue Cap
Woodland Camo

Gov't spec, 2 ply, with map pocket, poly/cotton

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Woodland Camo Fatigue BDU Cap.


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Navy Cover Camo Fatigue Cap.

Woodland Camouflage 100% Cotton Ripstop.
Available In Sizes Small, Medium, Large, And XL.

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3 Color Desert USMC Fatigue Cap

This cap has the EGA Eagle Globe & Anchor on it.

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Desert Camo 6 Color Fatigue Cap


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