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March 27th, 2006   #581
So of you should see a doctor guys! This Miss Shilling business starts to become sick..... ANd how the hell am I ever supposed to get a question right? I just know the normal things, not minute facts known to twisted people!
March 27th, 2006   #582
Originally Posted by redcoat
16th March 1943

January 1945, though it was never an official title.
Correct, over to you
March 27th, 2006   #583
This will probably annoy Ted even more (sorry Ted )

In WW2, a malfunctioning toilet led to the loss of a submarine.

Name the Sub, and explain how a faulty toilet lead to its loss.

If in doubt...... Panic!!!!!!!!

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March 28th, 2006   #584
I am not sure about the name, But is it due to the suction of the toliet? Or the water in it over flow?

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March 28th, 2006   #585
Christ Redcoat! How do you know this..... ? Or were you on the sub when it happened. But I'll start looking right away and see if I can find the answer.
March 28th, 2006   #586
Well I came up with the name: The German submarine U-120. But I haven't found yet why. One sec...... nope.... just that the toilet malfunctioned. I reckon that it started flooding the compartiments... say, the one -way exit malfunctioned and gallons of water poored in! (That last bit is my "knowledge" of submarines, but it would make sense don't you think?)
March 28th, 2006   #587
well, it definietly is! imagine all the stuff that flows in!hehe
March 28th, 2006   #588
Come on Redcoat..... don't leave me hanging there buddy!! I'll turn in now, and hope that you'll reply before I cranck up my computer at work. It will make my day if I am right..... The last time was on page 1 or 2 of this thread, so it has been a while!!!!
March 29th, 2006   #589
Well, it is a long time!
March 29th, 2006   #590

Originally Posted by Ted
Come on Redcoat..... don't leave me hanging there buddy!!
I'm sorry Ted.
U-120 is not the right answer.
U-120 was scuttled by her crew at the wars end.

ps. The number you posted is close to the right one, but I'm not saying in what way its close .

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