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February 14th, 2004   #1

World's best soldiers ??? info

hey guys - who do you think are the best soldiers in the world ?

By this I don't mean who is the best Army, because some have better equipment than others, but who is the best on an individual level ?

My vote goes to the Gurkha's - the men from Nepal, absolutely fearless fighters - their bravery could never be equalled.

fire away
February 14th, 2004   #2
Is the question who's avergae soldier is the best or who's most elite soldier is the best?
February 14th, 2004   #3

Well info

Id say there is a bunch of nations...
Germans make good soldiers.
Siks from India.
some others...

February 15th, 2004   #4

Russia info

Spentnaz are really good. They look at death as another birthday gift. The fighting technique is remarkable. They are so fast and strong. THe kick butt when they have to.
February 15th, 2004   #5
February 15th, 2004   #6
Originally Posted by diplomatic_means
Is the question who's avergae soldier is the best or who's most elite soldier is the best?
ok then

average soldier - Gurkha
elite soldier - British SAS.
February 15th, 2004   #7

As to Special Forces info

If were talking about SOF, then, there are a couple.
Delta Force-USA
Sayeret Matkal-Israel
February 15th, 2004   #8

I agree info

All militaries of different countries have things that there good at. The british are pretty good when it comes to intel. The Spetznaz are good in unarmed combat. The ones who I admired areno longer around. They were known as THE FRENCH FOREIFN LEGIONIERS. They fought rough and hard for less than $5 a month.
February 15th, 2004   #9

Acctually info

Acctually, I think the Legioneers still serve.
February 15th, 2004   #10
The Foreign Legion is still alive and kickin...

I think that the unit you are talking about No MERCY is the 2nd REP (2ème Régiment étranger de parachutistes), and they too are still around..
These are the airborne forces of the legion, their "Special Forces".
They do also have normal infantry, cavalry and other regular army units.
Find more info about the legion here:

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