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Read more about OMG, women r beautiful creatures,..don't matter what they have on nice pics

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October 31st, 2008   #1
Team Infidel

Women of the military info

So the Mods have "misplaced" that last thread of this nature, and I have gotten permission to start a new one. But I have been told to keep it clean.... so we will. Post the pics if you have them.

October 31st, 2008   #2
Originally Posted by Team Infidel
But I have been told to keep it clean....
^^^^What he said

And please remember our PERSEC rules as well guys and gals.

And please read of general rules about images/media here before adding any pics to this thread:

October 31st, 2008   #3
Team Infidel
clean as a wistle...

November 1st, 2008   #4
OMG, they r beautiful..nice pics

R.I.P. Steven Zeluff
November 1st, 2008   #5

November 1st, 2008   #6
Venom PL

"Polish soldier fights for the freedom of other nations but dies only for Poland"

gen. Stanisław Maczek
November 1st, 2008   #7
Team Infidel
November 1st, 2008   #8
DAMN, she looks ready to kick some a**, lol...strong woman cool.
November 1st, 2008   #9
South Korean special forces

Cuban Army


November 1st, 2008   #10
US Army

Danish Army

Italian Army

clean, pics, post, thread, told

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