Why British newspapers are more fun to read...gotta love the Brits! -

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May 31st, 2010   #1

Why British newspapers are more fun to read...gotta love the Brits! info

Sometimes I think I understand everything....then I regain consciousness.
May 31st, 2010   #2
Thanks Jillyz for the laughs! My favourite is the flaming fart. It's horrible & yet so very funny!
May 31st, 2010   #3
Absolutely priceless!

"I am totally responsible for what I write,... however I cannot be held responsible for your complete inability to understand"

June 9th, 2010   #4
Whoa! That's hilarious... Thanks for posting.

Wasn't sure whether to laugh about the dwarf...
I held in my giggle for that one. R.I.P.

June 9th, 2010   #5
The bit about the wife biting the husband reminds me of the Movie Miss March. If you have not seen it it is pretty funny. Same situation but the GF is epileptic and the BF turns on a strobe light during the act, not knowing it will induce a siezure. To get her to release him, he ends up stabbing her in the face with a dinner fork. Not graphic or anything, just funny as ... Well you know.

Gunner. Sabot. Sniper. Is not an appropriate use of ammunition.
September 13th, 2010   #6
Team Infidel


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