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September 9th, 2009  
Zajcef, They are really nice photos of your city. It is very much like I would have imagined, how many people live there.

I must admit that the snow scenes posted by both yourself and GG9909 leave me cold (no pun intended). I hate the cold, luckily it only gets down to one or two degreesC. below here, on a few mornings a year, we have had snow on rare occasions (about every 5-6 years) but it is only a few inches and only lasts a day at the most.
September 9th, 2009  
A Can of Man
Great pictures!
September 9th, 2009  
GG9909, oh please don't remind me the snow is coming! Nice picture though

Zajcef, real nice pictures! In the picture of the ariel view of the houses, I'm surprised that they all look so much alike, the same color roofs too. Is there some law that says that they all have to be a certain color? Just wondering...

In the first picture, the cross on the mountain, does that belong to a certain church? The city area looks so bright. Thanks for posting those

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