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Read more about 27 Aug 1896, the shortest ever war, it lasted from 9.00 am to 9.45am. A british fleet delivered an ultimatum to the sultan of zanzibar to evacuate and surrender his palac

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January 31st, 2005   #51
early ww 2 in the desert , italian casualties ( dead , injured or captured ) 100000
the british loosing only 500

thats a fairly good effort
July 24th, 2005   #52
The United States vs the Island of Grenada
July 24th, 2005   #53
What about the United States Vs the Island of Grenada
July 25th, 2005   #54
id have to say Operation Juat Cause (US vs. Panama) was more one sided than Grenada

the Aussies have several claims for these, those guys are some bad*ss dudes!!!

Thermopylae, a good example

Pearl Harbor, there were approximately 29 Japanese planes shot down, plus a minisub. (ironically, at the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot, the Americans slaughtered a large, inexperienced force of Japanese planes, at the cost of only 29 of their own)

the Alamo, good choice

anything in WW2 i dont think should get this honor

Vietnam, anyone?

the Battle of Saratoga in the US Revolutionary War

just about any other battle in the Revolutionary War

i cant decide, theyr all good choices

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