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Read more about 27 Aug 1896, the shortest ever war, it lasted from 9.00 am to 9.45am. A british fleet delivered an ultimatum to the sultan of zanzibar to evacuate and surrender his palac

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September 13th, 2004   #11
27 Aug 1896, the shortest ever war, it lasted from 9.00 am to 9.45am. A british fleet delivered an ultimatum to the sultan of zanzibar to evacuate and surrender his palace, it took 45 minutes of bombardment to convince him to do so. (taken from the guinness book of records)
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September 13th, 2004   #12
Oh cmon the most one sided battle ever if nobody can remember the battle they could at least refer to the film......

Still confused....

What about Zulu eh???
Rourkes drift Wednesday 22- Thursday 23 January, 1879, when some 150 soldiers defended a supply station against some 4000 Zulus, aided by the Martini-Henry rifle 'with some guts behind it'

The largest number of Victoria Crosses awarded to a regiment for one action!

The VC Winners

Lt. John Rouse
Merriott Chard
Lt. Gonville
Cpl. William
Wilson Allen
Cpl. Ferdnand
Christian Schiess
Pte. Frederick Hitch

Pte. Henry
(Harry) Hook
Pte. Robert Jones
Pte. William Jones
John Williams
James Henry
James Langley


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September 13th, 2004   #13
Rourke's Drift is indeed a good contender but for sheer scale and amount of casualties and prisoners on one side you can't look past the Battle of Kiev.
September 14th, 2004   #14
Opium War
Britain vs. China (1839-1842)

Britain 10,000 troops
China 150,000 troops

Result: Hong Kong ceded to British Empire, $ 5 million in silver + 5 ports.
September 14th, 2004   #15
Originally Posted by Doppleganger
You know, some people think Hitler actually made the right decision here. There's a school of thought that says that Armeegruppen Mitte may have been outflanked on their right hand side had they not dealt with the Soviet Armies in the Ukrainian sector first.

I'm not convinced myself I have to add.
Me either. Moscow was the logistical heart of the Russian military machine. Resupply for Leningrad and Kiev would have been poor at best had it been taken and held. Army Group Center was not likely to be outflanked. They were advancing too quickly, so their greatest danger was outrunning their supply lines. If the German Armed Forces had been left to creatively adapt to whatever changes came, I don't think this would have been a major issue either.

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September 14th, 2004   #16
The battle of Blood River.

Boers (South African settlers) vs the Zulu.

After a Zulu incursion into Boer territory which killed many settlers, the Boers went to go after the Zulu. About 400 Boers picked a good defensible spot by the Ncome River and circled their wagons into a lager. A massive Zulu horde came and attacked and a pitched battle was fought.

The result: Around 10,000 Zulu wariors lay dead. As for the Boer casualties, one man got a cut on his hand.


But I gotta agree with Kiev and Barbarossa for sheer scale.
September 14th, 2004   #17
Hmmm, are you sure of the total of dead Zulu being 10,000? This site http://www.travelbutlers.com/South-A...ttlefields.asp says it was 3,000, but the overall size of the Zulu force apparently was 10,000.
September 15th, 2004   #18
Yes I might be wrong, but in the book I read they never mentioned the casualties, they just mentioned the 10,000 and that they were totaly massacred. Not to mention I read this story about 5 years ago, so my memory is a bit cloudy. It was a really great book about the history of South Africa by a really famous author I forgot who.
September 15th, 2004   #19
My Great-Great-Great-Great Grandad fought at Rorkes Drift! He was only 15 years old... he brought back the Union Jack, and was awarded a medal for it.

http://www.gtj.org.uk/item.php?lang=en&id=18634&t=1 thats him on the site
September 15th, 2004   #20
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I have two battles that I wish to mention one of which is American, although I am British.

The first one is the Alamo; 185 VOLUNTEERS fought for thirteen days against a proffessional army of 4,000 men, eventually climaxing in a Battle in which all of the brave volunters lost their lives.

The second one is Assaye; where Major-General Arthur Wellesley with 4,520 British and Indian soldiers attacked an army of 47,000 Maratha tribesmen and regular soldiers and Wellesley won.

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