What is the difference between supply and stores??

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What is the difference between supply and stores?? info

Now in the UK (I dont know how it is for the rest of the world) most of our supply sections are run by a civilian contracted company and are now called stores. There is a perfectly good reason for this!!

You can go to a supply section and ask for something, they will have that item but always in the wrong size, but you can always take that XXL size shirt and take it to the station tailor to get it re-sized

Now with civilian run stores, you show up ask for something you can see it on the shelf behind them, the right size and everything and be told that they dont have any. When you point out the fact that its there behind them, you are told you cant have that one (even if there are 6 of them) because thats for show

And people wonder why the British forces went to both Afghanistan and Iraq with half the kit or all the wrong kit now you know the real reason. Its all on show in some stores section in the UK


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the quartermaster only knows two sizes. Too large and too small.

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