What branch has the most elite special forces?

About What branch has the most elite special forces?

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View Poll Results :What branch has the most elite special forces?
Air Force 2 28.57%
Army 2 28.57%
Marines 0 0%
Navy 3 42.86%
Voters: 7. You may not vote on this poll

February 20th, 2004   #1

What branch has the most elite special forces? info

In your opinion what branch of the military has the most elite special forces??? May it be the Army, with their rangers, the Air force with their Combat Controllers, the Navy with their seals, or the marines with their recon. if you know of any other special forces besides the ones that are listed, or any other branches just post and let it be known....

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February 20th, 2004   #2

Again info

Stepping in to some dangerous ground man...Some Marines in this forum will skin you alive for the Core....Im not voting on this one...May Allah go with those who do.....

February 20th, 2004   #3
I know the marines are some tough people... that is why they are considered the best of the best. I am not downing on any person who is in the armed services, i have the most respect for any one who is in because that takes a real man... or woman to actually do it and stay with... so to all the marines out there, or any member of any other service... i did not mean any disrepect
February 20th, 2004   #4
Redlegs are the most Elite...

This is an almost impossible question to answer..
But it'll be interesting to hear some of the answers I suspect will come here soon..
February 20th, 2004   #5
IMO this post should be locked up and fast. Firstly, I doubt very many here have any actual experience within any SOF unit, and those that do, will not engage.
February 20th, 2004   #6
What is this, the topic that won't die? This discussion has been started at least four seperate times to my knowledge.

No boom, no boom, no boom, Amen.
February 20th, 2004   #7
i had no knowledge that this topic was stated elsewhere. i had no intention of trying to flood the forum or anything. just trying to spark discussion...
February 20th, 2004   #8
Well recent history has shown that this is a discussion that you do not want to spark, bad blood around this place.
February 20th, 2004   #9
I'll let this one run.

But the second it turns into a branch war (again..) I'll locke it faster that you can say ...........
(hm, I couldn't come up with a good word here. but you get the idea..)
February 20th, 2004   #10
The Branch vs. Branch .. Unit vs Unit, et al topics are never good for discussion. As explained in the Marines vs SEALs thread, each SOF unit has a different mission, different jobs. The jobs do overlap sometimes because we can't all be everywhere at once.

I will try and dig up something I came across a few years ago, a sort of "Who's Who" in US SOF. The information is as succinct as any I've seen. I'll post it in the "Joining The Military" forum so any kids interested in a future career within SOF can see it as well.