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Topic about: I mean, who we really are. Many of us have parents, grandparents, ancestors who came from other places. Other than the one we live in or have made our home. I was listeni

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September 23rd, 2009  
One Gigantic tech-weenie. Not to mention loads of fun at parties.
September 23rd, 2009  
Originally Posted by Jy2k00mk1
One Gigantic tech-weenie. Not to mention loads of fun at parties.

Oh really???? That makes two.... lol........
September 26th, 2009  
C/2nd Lt Robot
I'm . . . me? I think. My ancestors hail from: England, Scotland (royal blood), Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, and the America's. Yeah mutt doesn't begin to descirbe me.

The only nonphysical characteristics I take from any of them are my thirst ! and my accent (adios r's!). To put things plainly I'm just an iron pumping, bar bending, party crashing, pool hopping, son of a gun ROTC cadet who some how finds time to study physics.
September 26th, 2009  
I think I posted this on another thread recently, but:

I'm Indian, as well as part Middle Eastern. My last name is Irish and my mothers maiden name was German, no idea how that came about.

My kids have the following: Indian, Italian, English, French, Middle Eastern, Native American/Canadian, at least these are the ones I'm sure of.
September 26th, 2009  
I liked that last half sentence...

September 27th, 2009  
Um...okay. I've never disguised the fact that I've been reckless. But it sure was fun.