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August 4th, 2010  

Transparency? Wikileaks and child pornography info

Source: The Danish magazine Computerworld.

A list of 3,863 sites that were previously blocked by the Danish police to contain child pornography was published on the Wikileaks site in 2008. With the publication of the Danish child-list Wikileaks would focus on what happens when a democracy like the Danish operates with a so-called secret censorship system, without citizens have access to the websites that are blocked.

"When a secret censorship system is established for pornographic content, the same system can quickly evolve to also cover other content - including political material," says Wikileaks.”

The Danish Police IT Center (Nitec), have the responsibility for browsing suspicious websites for child pornography and is the unit, who draws up the list of blocked domains. The list will be handed over to telecom companies, which then block the Danish 'access to websites with child pornography.

"The filter is not made for ideological reasons. It is solely set up to block child pornography. The ideological debate that the filter could potentially contain other material has nothing to do with the filter," says the Chief of Nitec, Soren Thomassen,

"There is no secrecy over the list and there are a many people who can see the domain names," he notes., _Feb_2008

In 2009 the German police conducted a raid on the controversial Wikileaks website, which had published several thousand domains that are closed in several countries because of the suspected distribution of child pornographic content. _censorship_lists

The people behind calls the raid a part of a "social hysteria around child pornography"

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August 4th, 2010  
Good for the Danes. If the FBI or the NSA tried to do that the ACLU would sue them in a heartbeat. Assuming that they are not doing it already.
August 5th, 2010  
If the ACLU believes that it should be legal to have access to child porn then it's a perverse and rather sick idea. Is it protecting civil liberties? And could such a case be won in a U.S. court?

Don’t you have legislation against such dirt?
August 5th, 2010  
Historically, here in the US the ACLU has filed suit against anything Christian. Prayer in schools, the pledge of allegiance, etc. The ACLU would likely sue on the grounds that it is censorship. Stupid, I know, but there you have it.
August 6th, 2010  
Since last year (I think it was last year) we have the same stuff here in Germany. Police searching the web for child pornography, blocking websites and the like.
Although it is a good idea in the first instance, in the end it came out to be absolute nonsense. Anyone who knows a wee bit about computers can get around the filter easily. What makes it even worse is that the BKA (Federal Police) is judge, jury and executioner in this thing. No one is controlling which websites are blocked.
I'd love to say 'At least they tried', but it was BS from the start they way they did it.
They were campaigning when they passed the law and the conservatives' average voter is around 60 years old and doesn't know **** about computers, let alone the Internet. So they figured 'Hey, let's do something, most of our voters won't get that it doesn't help anyone.'
August 10th, 2010  
All forms of production, distribution and possession of child pornography are illegal in Denmark. Penalty for distribution of child pornography is at maximum six years imprisonment and one year for possession.

The ban applies to all material in the form of images, film and video, etc. that depict children in situations where there is actual sexual assault or where there is focus on the child’s genitals. The ban also covers purely fictional material into the extent it is so realistic that it can be confused with photographs of real events, e.g. in the form of computer-generated images. The ban does not apply to the use of child pornography viewed over the Internet, if not stored locally on your computer.

This law (Penal Code § 235) was adopted by the Danish parliament. We have a hotline where you can report child pornography. The IT industry has a set of common rules on how they handle child pornography and a filter that can filter websites with child pornography out. And last but not least, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Development have created campaigns to educate teens and their parents about how they should behave on the Internet.

The filter can be circumvented by a person using a free DNS server. Yes, but you are committing a crime.

I admit that it is censorship but it is a necessary censorship. Or maybe we should “in the sacred name of transparent democracy” have access to everything?
August 13th, 2010  
I think the legal part of it is pretty much the same in all western democracies. What was new was the Police actively searching for it. Of course it's a crime, of course you can report it, but until last year they didn't do something until someone reported the site.
And yes, of course it is a good thing - I didn't disagree. But the means are somehow questionable here in Germany.
August 13th, 2010  
I dont know how we should even discuss that... On the ethics legal axis? Or the liberties and duty axis?

What is clear in my mind is that we have to fight child pornography. But the problem is that to do this, we have to give powers to some people who are part of the government. And these people cant be trusted.

Giving the government the ability to censor the networks and find people to arrest them every time they do something they dont like is a huge problem...

Tomorrow they might use these skills/protocols to censor and arrest people who are just practicing their rightful rights (not talking about child pornography).

It's a real dilemma.

Sometimes, I think it's best to let the police protect the children directly... And arrest pedophiles. And then, let the dismantling of child pornography sites on the net once the arrested criminal speak about them.

I still think that we have to protect the Internet from laws and regulations...
August 17th, 2010  
Originally Posted by LeMask
What is clear in my mind is that we have to fight child pornography. But the problem is that to do this, we have to give powers to some people who are part of the government. And these people cant be trusted.
You have the goverment you deserve.
You put them in office.

August 17th, 2010  
Some are real jerks, I dont know how someone can deserve them...