Teacher Asks Girl to Wear Mermaid Outfit -

May 2nd, 2007  
Team Infidel

Teacher Asks Girl to Wear Mermaid Outfit info

Teacher Asks Girl to Wear Mermaid Outfit
JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (AP) - A middle school teacher who asked a student to pose for a photograph in a mermaid costume has been reassigned to an adult education program. Les Leonard, a music teacher with 17 years in the school system, agreed to the transfer from Johnson City's Indian Trail Middle...
May 3rd, 2007  
Some people are really really wierd
May 3rd, 2007  
Rob Henderson
March 22nd, 2012  
look i know this man there talking about went to that school and i also know that this is a middle school i also know that the girls that went there were bitchy gosip queens and this man had a bad rep now don't get me wrong by no means is Mr.Leonard's actions justified however before we act like typical opinionaters without knowing what happend beyond this page lets just do our reseach after all i didn't know that this incident was so international and maybe just maybe certain things that are said were exaggerated because my harsh opinion anything that comes out of a childs mouth there is always a bit of nonsense in it and i went to the school i know the people and i can even name the girl who did this i won't cause it's privacy but i want too but this was a long time ago and i have no time for drama she should have not even taken the picture in the first place not at all not one not 2 none and she took one with a guitar so ***** you can go take your slut ass to hell because if you were really threatened u would have screamed acted up and cryed not take the one picture and i saw the picture on the school website she looked all show off and happy

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