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Read more about @KJ 1. There was NO IEDs hanging "all over the place" there was a bunch of small explosives. 2. If you did read (and you did not) what i posted you'd see Russia

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gru spetsnaz would certainly have access to more resources. better conditions weapons etc,but as i said in my previous post they just have too many units & sub units etc etc so its a no brainer that they would not be as well trained as say SAS/SBS,NZ/AUSTRALIAN SF/DEVGRU OR DELTA ... thats just a fact. i have not commented on israels special forces units as my knowledge of them is vague at best so would be wrong to venture an opinion. though i understand that the navy's flotilla13 would be israel's equivalent to the units listed above???

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...thats just a fact!
And you are a Veteran of what ?
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royal marines 539 assault squadron 3 commando brigade
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Okay, was just curious. You had not indicated on your profile where you had served.
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oh ok cool,and yourself?
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Ex Royal Danish Navy, Warrant Officer Class II
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read your post regarding spetsnaz, found it very informative & lucid . i guess that ends this thread,nice chatting with you

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